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The jurisdiction of Human Rights Commission covers human rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Commission is to give special attention to deaths in custody, rape, harassment, structural reforms in the police and prisons, remand homes, mental hospitals and is to give special attention to improve the condition of affairs. The most vulnerable groups of society with a view to protect the rights of people, children up to the age of 14, essential and free education, to lead a life with dignity, primary facilities for the welfare of mothers and children according to the Commission's recommendations. Violating equality and justice, citizens are against the atrocities, the problems of displaced persons, and starvation, mountain people, child prostitution, women's rights etc. have been in the focus of commission Apart from investigating on complaints, the commission has also under taken following issues:-

  • Directions against abuse of power to arrest by Police.
  • The establishment of ''human rights'' cells at district level.
  • Deaths in custody, rape and humanitarian measures to prevent harassment.
  • Reform (1) the police (2) Jail (3) internment center.
  • Anaemia in Mothers and Prevention of congenital mental disability in children.
  • HIV / human rights of people living with AIDS.
  • Improving the quality of mental hospitals.
  • Effort to end the practice of manual scavenging.
  • Make recommendations to protect the rights of nomadic tribes and non-notified tribes.
  • To put effective check on adulteration of food, medicines, times bar drugs and ensure public health and pollution control.
  • Boycott by Jati Panchayats.
  • Spread education and awareness of human rights.

Human Rights Protection Act Section 2 (d) is defined, under which human rights enshrined in the Constitution or international covenant means protection of Life, liberty, equality and dignity of the court -related rights are applicable.

The expression "human rights" is thus quite broad, under which all the issues that come to life, liberty, equality and dignity are within its perimeter.

This type of violation of human rights, torture, custody (custodial) death, death from encounter, the police or other officials / civil servants are not limited to harass individuals. Under the other civil, political, academic and cultural rights, the plight of remand homes or prisons, the condition of the working class, or demand for dowry, dowry deaths, rape and murder, sexual harassment, oppression and degradation of women, child labour and bonded labour, child marriage, denial of proper educational facilities, poverty alleviation and social security related programs, proper sanitary conditions, shall be entitled to a healthy environment etc., if they are eligible to be bound by the Courts authority.