Important Orders

1 Issued notice regarding "deranged child tied with chains for 6 years, hoping for help to the family" case no.- 21/03/3966 date: 03.09.2021
2 Notice issued in relation to "the miscreants waved knives in the court premises, there was chaos between the lawyer and the parties". case no.- 21/24/4233 date: 23.09.2021
3 In Nayapura police station, a notice was issued in the case of the young man being hanged at a four feet high angle. case no.- 21/24/4235 date: 23.09.2021
4 "Police in-charge kept molesting all night, raped in police choki - exercise in the police station to suppress the incident, beat up the victim for protesting" case no.- 21/29/3977 date: 06.09.2021
5 The young man was caught on the charge of theft and shaved his head, being upset, the grandson of the former sarpanch jumped into the lock, the incident of Dawa village of Nokha police station area. case no- 21/08/4185 date: 21.09.2021
6 Instructions and recommendations regarding the open dumping of bio-medical waste waste on the roads in government and private hospitals of Sawai Madhopur district case no.-14/28/4407 date: 22.10.2021
7 Important orders
8 Departmental enquiries on captious penalty of Rs. 1 Lac.
9 Ban on use of Tobacco Products.
10 Recommendations on Rights of Dead Human Body
11 Cognizance and recommendations for Protection and prohibition of women Live-in-Relationship
12 Penalty of Rs. 9,00,000 for misuse of IPC rules.
13 Government Employment to victim of Gang Rape.
14 Compensation of Rs. 5,00,000 for victim of rape deaf and dumb female child.
15 Suo-moto alimentation facility to Parents and Sr. Citizens.
16 Compensation of Rs. 2,00,000 to Victim for wrong description in report.
17 Suo-moto on protection of agitator at Rail line.
18 Suo-moto on Usher and related crimes/Punishment
19 Amendment in rules of Appointment of Married Adopted Daughter/Married Daughter.
20 Order on care of physically/mentally old age peoples.
21 Medical Compensation of Rs. 5,00,000 to Victim Child in Private Hospital in complication case.
22 Cognizance on disconnection of Traffic Signals and CCTV Camera
23 Ban on disconnection of Severage System.